Superior Essex
Superior Essex is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of wire and cable products and are the world's largest producer of magnet wire.

LS Cable
LS Cable is a major global force in electronics and component and information and communications products: Cable & Component & Machinery.

AEV Ltd - Advanced Electrical Varnishes
AEV Limited are the UK's largest manufacturer of Electrical Impregnating Varnishes, Potting Resins and Epoxy Compounds, many UL recognised products.

h-old® has established a firm reputation on the market as reliable supplier of adhesive tapes specialities for the service of the industry.

The world's leading manufacturer of silicone-insulated wires and cables
Europe's leading manufacturer of glass-yarn braids,
France's leading manufacturer of fire safety cables,
France's leading manufacturer of flexible heating elements.

UK Insulations Ltd
UKi is one of Europe's largest suppliers of
electrical insulation materials and flexible films

Favier Group
With more than 90 years of experience, Favier Group which includes also Sigi, have substantial expertise in braided insulatating sleeving, making them one of the European leaders in the field.