Blue Fans

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We introduce this now famous line of blue plastic motorfans designed to meet the needs of the motor repair industry.

We also sell interchangable inserts on our website that are designed to fit a wide range of shaft sizes. These fans have an excellent reputation within the industry for strength,heat resistance and quality, coming in various sizes from 71 to 180.

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CodeProduct Name Price
MF2088 BLUE FAN SIZE 71 (Diam 122 mm x H 26mm)

MF2089 BLUE FAN SIZE 80 (Diam 132 mm x H 26mm)

MF2090 BLUE FAN SIZE 90 (Diam 167 mm x H 33mm)

MF2091 BLUE FAN SIZE 100 (Diam 1712 mm x H 37mm)

MF2092 BLUE FAN SIZE 112 (Diam 216 mm x H 46mm)

MF2093 BLUE FAN SIZE 132 (Diam 246 mm x H 56mm)

MF2094 BLUE FAN SIZE 160 (Diam 298 mm x H 56mm)

MF2095 BLUE FAN SIZE 180 (Diam 333 mm x H 56mm)