About Us

Hi-Wire Ltd is part of the Superior Essex group of companies. Superior Essex is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of wire and cable products. They are the world's largest producer of magnet wire, also known as winding wire. Producing globally 229,000 Tonnes of insulated copper or aluminum conductors.
Built on more than 90 years of expertise, our teams form mutually beneficial relationships with members of the automotive, commercial, residential, industrial, energy, and communications markets to provide the products and services they need to flourish, and in turn, inspire their customers to thrive. From the newest electric vehicles, power transformers, and commercial generators to the data communications cables linking our homes and businesses, we produce the wire and cable that powers your connection to the world.
With more than 3,300 employees working around the world , and sales of $1.88 Billion, Superior Essex consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation, engineering and sustainability.

Hi-Wire is the largest stocking distributor in the UK of enameled copper magnet wire/winding wire and the complementary motor repair products, such as varnishes, resins, sleeving, insulation, and more. With high-speed lapping equipment on-site, Hi-Wire provides quick turnaround for customers needing wrapped copper winding wire, and works closely alongside customers to provide bespoke solutions to meet the evolving demands of motor repair andtransformers industry.

Company Ethos

• The company procures, stocks and distributes wire, strip and ancillary products.
• The primary objectives of the company are to generate profit for the shareholders and to secure / sustain employment for its employees.
• The company must respect national and international laws, environmental rules and the ethical standards of the country and industry whilst working to attain its targets and objectives.
• As well as company results and performance, Management is responsible for its employees health, safety and welfare and for ensuring that everyone works in a clean and safe environment.
• In turn, all employees are responsible for the results of the company, for respecting the above mentioned laws and obligations and for the health and safety of themselves and others.
• Two key aspects of the company’s success are the Customer Policy and the Quality Policy.

Customer Policy

• The continuing and improving satisfaction of our customers is the key to the future of the company and its employees.
• Each and every employee has a responsibility for improving customer satisfaction in whatever way possible.
• Each and every employee must strive for continuous improvements in all areas, on all processes and on all products.
• Market awareness is vital we have to understand our market, and also our customers’ markets, in order to make informed decisions in respect of both customer needs and company strategy and direction.

Quality Policy

It is the company’s policy to continuously improve on its performance as a stockist and distributor by improving customer satisfaction. This shall be achieved by:
• Identifying, understanding and meeting customer requirements.
• Delivering products and service that can be accepted by customers without doubts.
• Developing and using a QMS certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015
• Continuously reviewing all aspects of the QMS for improvement opportunities and implementing these.
• Establishing and regularly reviewing objectives set to enable the policy to be met.