Class H Silicone Cable

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Silicone cables are a very flexible single core cable. They are manufactured in the voltage range of 1.1 kV, 3.3-4.2 kV, 6.6-7.2 kV and 13.8-15.0 kV

- Copper conductor tinned, flexible IEC 60228, class 5
- Tape (up 16 mm2), Semi-conductive layer (only for 6.6 and 13.8 kV)
- Silicone rubber insulation
- Separator tape
- Protective synthetic yarn braiding, varnished

The cable is used where high flexibility is required and high temperature conditions are present.
It is therefore a suitable connection cable for high voltage machines like:
- Transformers
- Motors
- Generators, etc.

Ranging from 2.5mm upto 185mm cross sction . P.O.A

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